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A revolution is never achieved alone. In order for it to succeed you need a committed group of accomplished risk-takers, a closely integrated, tightly-knit group of true visionaries and dreamers willing to take a gamble, with determination and belief in their ideas.



The real-time VFX artist has a broad understanding of live 3D and gameplay visual communications and can create a consistent visual language through the use of many software’s. Essential skills include a solid grasp of the principles of motion, anticipation, dynamics, follow-through, and other facets of animation as they relate to visual effects. The ideal candidate must also have experience in creating all the textures, geometry, and animations required for stylized and realistic visual effects and expertise in the related tools – Unity, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Touch Designer, etc.

He should be incredibly creative but should be collaborative in his approach because they often work with business teams and marketing departments come up with a workable design.
He has high-end digital skills and is expert with interactive media software, which could include graphic design and three-dimensional animation. He is agile at brainstorming, coming up with custom graphics that transmit ideas across digital platforms. He is also deadline driven, organized and detail-obsessed. He is top-notch interpersonal and communication skills but is also self-starters, able to work independently from a group.



  • Experience creating brilliant, eye-catching real-time VFX using Unity, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Touch Designer, etc and in-game VFX systems

  • Strong grasp of visual design principles used to create stylized, compelling VFX

  • Able to paint VFX textures from scratch and match an established style

  • A high degree of proficiency with 3D graphics, particle systems, physics, ribbons, shaders, etc.

  • Solid knowledge of rendering engines

  • Self-motivated, excellent communications skills, and an excellent team player attitude

  • A minimum of 2 years’ creating real-time special VFX for video games



  • Previously worked on the interactive installation and live shows

  • Mobile games development experience

  • Experience creating and using real-time shaders

  • 2D or 3D animation experience

  • Unity VFX experience

  • Strong passion for developing new technologies and systems

  • UI/UX VFX experience

  • Previous experience in 3D projection mapping






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