Emerging candidates

Audacity. Spontaneity. Sociability.

the interview

If job offers are designed to find clone CVs only, interviews allow you to reveal your personality.

Lots of candidates understood that the CV round is way too jammed to stand out from the crowd. Particularly from abroad!


They also understood the necessity to learn the globalization in order to stay connected to the world.

Jobtrip and his recruiters value audacity and invite you to meet!

what recruiters want

79% of hiring managers are likely to recruit junior candidates who have little experience or required skills if they are willing to learn.

at a junior level

they are looking for


In an economical crisis context, companies are often operating strategic and organizational changes quickly.


Initiatives and self-motivation allows to measure the candidate ability to integrate into the company culture. 


If there was only skill that concerns all company positions, it would be the sociability.

Source: Keljob, Bagoo.ae

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