RECRUITER - Remote and Freelance (commission based only)


JOBTRIP is the first travel agency which connects overseas candidates with companies in Dubai. We organize travels to bring the world's best MBA holders to our customers’ doorstep. We set encounters and interviews up for employers to meet with several talented professionals at once.  


But at JOBTRIP we also help local companies to source local talents. It is in that area of traditional recruitment where we need recruiters to help us source talents. JOBTRIP is responsible to acquire employers and job offers. The freelance recruiters are required to stand on the candidate side and find the right fit for the position. 




Understanding the challenges and requirements of the occupations we are recruiting for. 

Undertaking profile search campaigns at a large scale on Linked In based on job descriptions requirements. 

Contacting selected profiles on Linked In sharing job offers and setting up interviews,  to introduce the opportunity.

Conducting the first interview on phone or face-to-face when necessary. 

Delivering clear information about the company, the position, its environment and the recruitment process. 

Ensuring candidates’ questions are answered and clear deadlines are communicated. 

Identifying candidates motivations and leitmotivs in their career. Making sure they match with the companies’ culture. 

Testing hard skills when required. 

Respecting deadlines and promises given to candidates and JOBTRIP. 

Guaranteeing the candidates resume is synthetic and reflects the most relevant experience for the position before submitting it to JOBTRIP. 

Providing JOBTRIP with brief interview report.



Masters graduated

Organized person, Time management is key

High sociability and communication skills are important

General knowledge in digital and IT is a plus




Job offers from our clients are provided

Commission based on success

Work can be performed remotely

No fixed working hours

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