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MERIT Incentives is providing the best gifts, rewards and engagement strategies through innovative technologies for customers and employees in the MENA region & beyond. Merit Incentives is looking for a successful, enthusiastic, hard-working Business Developer who shares our passion for Gifts and Customer Service. The candidate will represent Merit Incentives' products and services in working directly with company partners.

The role is expected to have a focus on hunting new business. The role ensures an excellent client experience at all times and works in collaboration with the Sales team to ensure a smooth transition of accounts into the business.


The International Business Development Manager is cultivating and maintaining relationships among business partners while also developing strategies to increase revenue for their companies.


- Analyze business strategies and develop individual business plans for each country.

- Administer and develop initiatives to increase sales and market development activities.

- Manage all development processes and ensure compliance with government policies and regulations.

- Assist businesses to identify opportunities and develop strategic plans to enhance the same.

- Train and provide guidance to staff members and business development issues.

- Coordinate with the management team and maintain budgets and participate in every fortnightly conference.

- Manage all customer communication and maintain effective relationships with all.

- Review competitor plans and the effect of products and services in management.

- Prepare pricing strategies according to customer budgets and procurement methods.

- Sales analysis, usage review, and planning vis-à-vis product analysis on a monthly basis.

- Sourcing of Gift Cards from international suppliers and negotiating on the discount and float responsible for the collection and clearing the outstanding of the client as per the timelines and payment terms.

- Coordinating with Catalogue team to make sure the catalogue will be up to date with all the details.

- Coordinating for the API's integration with the IT team to meet the desired timelines.

- Following up with Finance team for the invoicing and payments receivables as well as payables.



  • Experience in growing omnichannel sales.

  • Ability to manage complex projects and multi-task.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty.

  • Fluent in English.

  • Comfortable using a computer for various tasks.

  • Proven sales track record.

  • Experience in customer support is a plus.

  • Communication and negotiation skills.





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