The Other Company is a digital and development agency which works on mobile iOS, mobile Android, and web development. We use best in class technologies and quality is our top priority. We are a young and dynamic team of 5 people based in the French Alps and in Dubai (UAE) and looking for IT talents in Dubai. 


This test is here to test your ability for your job and the quality of your code.
We are looking for developers who are very attentive to details and who are able to develop a project with a very clean design.


You have to :

  • Create a project from scratch on Angular 5

  • Create a signup screen for the database beyond using our Parse Framework

    Doc attached (docs.parseplatform.org/)

    You must register a user with a valid email and a password requiring at least 6 characters

  • Allowing the user to add a profile picture would be appreciated

  • Create a login screen using email as key and password

  • Once connected, you will need to get events in database and display product attached

  • All pages must be responsive design and usable on iPhone

  • Ensure your app is running smoothly on Safari and Chrome


Useful information:

Database :

Server URL: https://eyenight-dev.herokuapp.com/parse

Parse app ID : 1TcAvt0wD6YDxEffIJ7qJtRQvMXzu7

Parse client key : XUNfi612hLNdS6V8TTb582YTou8qSX


OVH Server :

FTP : ftp://eyenightuw-techtest@ftp.cluster023.hosting.ovh.net:21/

Login : eyenightuw-techtest
Password: Welcome2018
Port: 21


Bonus :

Proving that you have a good taste for design /UX/UI is very appreciated. A clean code is appreciated.
A good code, especially in international companies like The Other Company DMCC, is in English and commented.


Assessment :

•Upload your compiled website on the OVH server detailed above

•Provide a GitHub open repo URL with the source code

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