We are looking for developers who are very attentive to details and who are able to develop a project with a very clean design.


You have to

  • Create a project from scratch on iPhone X

  • Create a signup screen for this database using our Parse Framework

  • Doc attached (docs.parseplatform.org/)


You must register a user with a valid email and a password requiring at least 6 characters

  • Allowing the user to add a profile picture would be appreciated

  • Create a login screen using email as key and password

  • Once connected, you will need to get events in database and display product attached

  • Ensure your app is running smoothly


Useful information

Server URL: hAps://eyenight-dev.herokuapp.com/parse

Parse app ID : 1TcAvt0wD6YDxEffIJ7qJtRQvMXzu7

Parse client key : XUNfi612hLNdS6V8TTb582YTou8qSX



Proving that you have a good taste for design /UX/UI is very appreciated. A clean code is appreciated.
A good code, especially in international companies like The Other Company DMCC, is in English and commented.



• Send us a screencast video showing how you navigate on the interface (Signup, Login, Event etc...)
• Provide a GitHub open repo URL with the source code

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