35% more purchasing power

Work. Fun. Culture. Hobbies. Travels.


Dubai is a booming market!


52% of Dubai companies are planning to increase their staff in 2016.


International branches are widely looking for foreign competencies.

They are delegating more responsibilities too.


Dubai has an unlimited budget to test the cutting-edge technologies. 


Iran's return will bring more attraction and activity in Dubai.







Expatriates in Dubai are working but the rest of the time, they make friends!

The 365 days of sunshine does not allow blues!

You just need to choose between pubs, street food, burger places, VIP lounges, live concerts, clubs, sports bars, local Arabic food, wine and cheese, desert BBQ camps, jazz bars, organic restaurants...

Have a quick look at the best places in Dubai


Dubai is an island of freedom in a traditional region.

Its wide cultural wealth is brought by its 85% expats coming from all over the world.

Its modern aspect is only the cover of its inhabitants' genuine soul.

Cultural initiatives juggle with Western, Middle-eastern, Persian, African and Indian influences.


If you want to scuba-dive, wakeboard, kitesurf, Jet Ski, sail or raft in the morning, then you can!

For some, Dubai spas are becoming a hobby (well, we understand them a bit).

4WD are cheap in Dubai, desert rides free and songs by the fire more ardent...


Oman oasis and natural pools are splashing back all the greenery and wild sceneries you are missing in the city. 


The Middle-East is the cradle of Humanity.  

The neighboring destinations are outside of the beaten paths.

The beaches are more natural, the historical places more in the raw

and people very typical.

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